Our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Coral and Mio here in Santa Cruz, California, and tis’ the season to get shopping! It might be for your loved ones, smoke buddies, or maybe even yourself, but there are about to be a ton of sales and deals, so we wrote up this list of 42 treats we’ve been loving this year as suggestions! They’re the ones you’ve been asking both of us about in DMs, and the splurges we had to see for ourselves if it was worth it.

The gifts range from $10-$1000 and are grouped a bit for easy browsing. If applicable there is an affiliate link, but this list isn’t sponsored! We’d love to hear what order off our gift guide, and we both wish you a wonderful holiday season!

cold in Canada, 2018

Glass, Gadgets & Ways to Get Stoned

Nectar Collector – Coral’s favorite way to dab! Each piece is one of a kind so her exact one is no longer available, but they all rip great!

Blazer Torch

Cookies Co. Rolling Tray with Cover

ROOR – Our favorite bong makers! They created our wedding set, you can find them in headshops across the country or order online

Stundenglass Gravity Bong

GPen’s Connect (code coral5 for bonus savings!!) – turn any bong or rig you own with a 14mm joint into a torch free dabbing device. We LOVE our Connect and take it everywhere with us on a minirig ready for quick tokes!

Silicone Bong or Pipe

Higher Standards Glass – American made and still affordable enough to start a collection with, they have pieces perfect for any level of collector.

Levo Oil Infuser

Magical Butter Machine

“Easy Bake” Ardent – something that even Coral can make edibles with

Hemp & Weedy Wearables:

Cannabis Print Heavy Duty Backpack (code CREME30 for 30% off) – photographed & designed by Mio for Creme de Canna!

Bong Beauties Clothing & Accessories

Cannabis Print Tees (code CREME30 for 30% off) – photographed and designed by Mio for Creme de Canna!

Hemp Underwear & Intimate’s by WaMa

Hemp Reusable Face Masks

Afends Hemp Apparel – Both of us can’t stop ordering more hemp pieces from Afends, they’ve even got a hemp suit available!

Blunted Objects Jewelry

Thistle & Spire Brooklyn Haze Lingerie

Solstice Intimates – Lots of their pieces are velvety soft and oh so luxurious! Search for the shroom or cannabis prints and you won’t be disappointed

Allume Cannabis Botany Print Robe

Astral Hemp Shoes

Cyberoptix Cannabis Tie – Mio wore one of these cannabis print ties on our wedding day and tons of family made it clear they wanted one too!

Stoney Sunday Shirt – shameless plug for Coral’s own line of hemp shirts

I Don’t Smoke With Racists Tee

Home Goods, Decor & Splurges:

Art Prints on Hemp Paper – 3 of 4 of these designs are by Mio, and all are printed on hemp!

Organic Hemp Bedsheets

Color Changing LED Smart Bulbs – staying home so much means making home more fun, and these color changing lights really do the trick to change up any mood. Sync them with music and sit back for a show!

Litter Robot – We have 6 cats but even if you know a cat lover with only a few, this splurge was so worth it.

Easy Canvas Prints – print your favorite stoney shot on canvas for “elevated” decor

Plant Hangers with Wood Tray

One Wheel

Nintendo Switch – don’t forget the games too! Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, Katamari & Ring Fit Adventure get the most play at our house

Cannabis Print Pillows (code CREME30 for 30% off) – photographed and designed by Mio for Creme de Canna!

Stocking Stuffers:

Canna Planning Calendar Stickers

Hempz lotions, Coral especially love their holidays scents and tries to stock up on a few each year!

Hemp Bound Book

Marijuana is Safer Book

Toker Poker – Mio’s got one on just about every lighter around the house

Vibes Hemp Grinder

Cleaning Caps & Bong Bumpers

Mouthpeace by Mooselabs – a silicone barrier to use if sharing any smoking device

42 suggestions for your stoney friends or gifts to get yourself, stay warm this season and don’t forget to leave out edibles and refreshments for Santa!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Amy says:

    Thank you for putting this list together!! So many great ideas and organized, I am in heaven! Hope you and Mio are having a great day/night. ❤


  2. Javier ramirez says:

    Hello coral, I love your fothos, exellent content on your page 😙❤


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