Our Love Story

Mio and Coral first met in 1993, when sharing Ms. Chethik’s kindergarten class at Live Oak Elementary. They sparked a close friendship as kindergarteners, Mio’s courageous spirit inspiring Coral, and her supportive heart comforting him. While their paths parted as they both moved to new schools by fourth grade, over the years Coral and Mio would often end up at the same place around the same time over and over again, just unaware of how close they were. They shared friends in high school, yet missed each other completely; the universe had a bit more of a wait in store.

Years after kindergarten, Coral recognized Mio outside a Santa Cruz shop, and finally their paths had brought them back into each other’s lives! In January 2016, Mio asked Coral to be his girlfriend, five months later she packed up her Oakland apartment and moved into his Santa Cruz townhouse. Nine countries and countless spontaneous road-trips later, Mio proposed on a Davenport beach in October 2018 with the solitaire ring of Coral’s dreams.

Coral and Mio married on October 19th, 2019, surrounded by redwoods and loved ones in Santa Cruz county. They set off for country number 10 together, Costa Rica, for their honeymoon.