Santa Cruz BITES

Mio whipped up this map of our favorite restaurants across Santa Cruz

CALIFORNIA – Coral and Mio writing up a quick list of our favorite local restaurants around Santa Cruz! Breakfast, lunch, dinner or a snack to satisfy your sweet tooth, we picked the places across the county that we keep going back to.

Jack’s – They’ve got a full menu with sandwiches and salads but we’re always there for the classic and delicious cheeseburgers served with thick cut fries!

Nick the Greek – Newer in town, they’ve carved a place in our hearts with the gyro wraps and bowls. Open til 11, if you sign up for their email list you’ll get a coupon for the next meal just about every time!

photo from

Zachary’s – Serving the best breakfast in Santa Cruz longer than either one of us have been alive, Zachary’s was a favorite of both of our families while we were growing up, and later became Coral’s employer, twice. First, at age 20, and again at 30. Did she get rehired just to get the free staff meal at breakfast? Come try their menu and decide for yourself!

This pile of food is called the Mike’s Mess at Zachary’s. Get one and thank us later!

Las Palmas – Mio’s been going to Las Palmas since before he could walk! He turned Coral onto this tiny taco bar near the Santa Cruz Boardwalk when they first started dating, a hidden gem in plain site! He recommends the crispy chicken tacos, and don’t forget a glass of horchata!

The Crepe Place – What’s more to say about a restaurant called the Crepe Place?

Charlie Hong Kong – Another great late night choice, Charlie Hong Kong is open until 11pm and describes themselves as “inspired by the savory flavors of Southeast Asia’s street food.” Coral’s favorite dish is from the kids menu, the Little Dan, and it’s a generous portion! Mio goes crazy for the Spicy Garlic Green Beans, a seasonal menu item.

Real Thai Kitchen – A generally quiet restaurant with loud flavor, we love to pop in for dinner (or take out!) when the lines are just too long everywhere else. Try the massaman curry with rice!

Akira – A sushi spot suggested by two people who don’t eat seafood? Hear us out! First, people that DO eat fish introduced us to this fairly recent addition to Santa Cruz. Second, the veggie, and even vegan, options are more than you’ll see at any other sushi place around! Unless you’re at their second location, where you can find just as much great flavor in Aptos!

THIS IS VEGAN SUSHI! photo by @AkiraSantaCruz on Instagram

Silver Spur – A breakfast spot that takes you back in time, the Silver Spur restaurant makes a great omelette and all the classics. You can sometimes expect a short wait, but it’s worth it.

Dharma’s – A restaurant with only natural, organic, vegetarian meals, this restaurant is as Santa Cruz as catching a wave. Only one of us can surf, but we both love the Dan Dan Noodles at Dharma’s.

Photo owned by Dharma’s of Santa Cruz

Gayle’s – Ending our list with somewhere you can get something sweet, Gayle’s is a bright and sunny bakery with full breakfast and lunch menu available too. Coral loves their rich chocolate cookies, Mio goes for the key lime pie.

Photo owned by Gayle’s Bakery

This list is far from exhaustive, and we’d love to hear what your Santa Cruz county favorites are too!

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